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Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica

Technical Solution:


Solution Type:

Efficient outdoor LED lighting

Annual Financial Savings:

EUR 285,000, 75 %

Annual Energy Savings:

2,000 MWh

About the project

The complete public lighting renovation in Nova Gorica is by far the largest public-private partnership project in the field of LED lighting in Slovenia. Outdated and inefficient lights have been replaced with 3,900 LED lights, which adjust automatically for optimal illumination of public areas. New lights require significantly less maintenance compared to the old ones, which results in lower costs. With new lights, the municipality has reduced light pollution and obtained more environmentally friendly public lighting. The lights have created a more comfortable living environment and a tidy appearance with a uniform lighting standard. This was also an investment in the future, as the lights are suitable for smart city management. Along with the renovation, a register of municipal public lighting [KM1] [MD2] was created and now energy monitoring is conducted.

»We now have modern, technically appropriate and energy-saving public lighting, and this without having to make any major initial financial investments. Interenergo proved to be a highly professional private partner that took our wishes into account when implementing the project. The cooperation has been very effective.«

~ Matej Živec, Public Service Consultant